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Startup Ecosystem Lake Constance

We are committed to an innovative region

BSM GmbH is a pioneer for regional start-up projects and passes on information from the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing to the individual institutions and start-ups in the region. BSM GmbH's valuable contact network helps you establish local relationships. We connect you with authorities, chambers of commerce, multipliers and business angels.

We also offer support and assistance with interviews and applications as well as suitable available subsidies. Our goal is to consult and guide start-ups according to their needs.

We stand for promoting the lake Constance region start-up scene within Baden-Württemberg as well as across borders.

Our start-up ecosystem comprises the northern and western shores of Lake Constance and bundles its established start-up networks and institutions as well as its related multipliers.

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Exhibition hall farm, Constance
The farm - City of Constance

Area of Innovation-City of Constance– farm


"The farm" is an emerging location now available to innovative enterprises and start-ups on a former Siemens site. Its goal is to serve as a platform that consolidates founding, creativity, innovation, life and culture. It unites living and working here in a completely new way.

That's why it is key to ensure an around-the-clock high level of comfort in the co-working spaces and offices.

The plan is to also initiate an Innovation Lab on this site in a collaborative effort between the Technology Centre Constance, the District of Constance, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Hochrhein-Bodensee and BSM GmbH. It will contain a variety of different spaces for creativity, development and production. The Innovation Lab is supposed to help bring together qualified experts and graduates with companies, networks, clusters and educational institutions.

Due to its unique network, BSM GmbH is tasked with establishing the Innovation Lab.

This includes further intensifying collaboration with SMEs and universities in the region in order to help reduce possible obstacles for innovation. The goal is to inspire and activate SMEs and start-ups in forgoing new ways (co-creation) and making innovation more accessible. We are supporting this by organizing and conducting events for information exchange, knowledge transfer, networking and discussion.

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Standing Table and Popup Lab Banner
© Ludmilla Parsyak Photography (Fraunhofer IAO)
Popup Labor

Popup laboratory BW in the district of Constance


In collaboration with the District of Constance, BSM GmbH was able to bring the state project "Popup Lab BW" to the district for Autumn 2020. A Popup Lab BW can serve as an excellent "broker" for all participants and interested parties. Above all, it helps raise awareness for the topic "Collective digitization and innovation" in the region.

The Popup Lab BW offers many advantages to the District of Constance. It boosts digital expertise and meets the needs of digitization and innovation experts. It also provides local companies, digital specialists and committed supporters with an opportunity to network. Moreover, it also supports the start-up phase of the new Constance innovation site "The farm" and the Hochrhein-Bodensee Innovation Lab.

The advantage: it facilitates connection of the region's key players for digitization and innovation. Companies, also from outside the region, can then directly implement respective solution approaches. The networks of SMEs, experts, projects and clusters (e.g. cyberLAGO e. V., BZI4.0 - Bodenseezentrum Innovation 4.0, IBH - Internationale Bodensee-Hochschule etc.) will continue to intermesh and increasingly extend their effect for the long term into neighboring regions and beyond borders.

We want to help companies position their own topics and projects as well as find individual solution approaches, including via step-by-step instructions as needed. We plan to provide a one-week offering with seminars and practical workshops in that regard. Areas of interest will include methods for digital creative approaches, project teamwork (in a company) and the development/adaptation of business models.

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