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Networks & Offices

We align our competencies on one common goal

Our goal is to increase international awareness for the pan-regional Lake Constance business area (VLRB). In order to market the area internationally, we operate a network of connections and offices.

Camera Lens
Lake Constance FilmCommission

Lake Constance as a movie production location - ACTION for the four-country region!


Continuous media presence helps the VLRB to be perceived as an attractive location for business and the movie industry as well as for guests and visitors.

We want to offer unique movie locations and excellent working conditions for movie producers. At the same time, it is important to us to becoming a home to people working in the media business. This will allow us to remain competitive as a region in the long term.
That is the purpose of the FilmCommission Bodensee.

Its goal is to market the VLRB as an attractive movie and TV location. We want to leverage and promote the movie industry potential of Lake Constance.

Key elements in this offering are free consulting and support of domestic and foreign filmmakers regarding their movie projects in the VLRB. For example, we can offer support during the search for movie locations, accommodations for the crew or in establishing contacts with relevant authorities, film-related service providers and young talents in the region.


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Bodensee Graphic
Bodensee Graphic
Cluster Initiatives Lake Constance (CLIB)

Cross-border networking and promotion of know-how transfer among cluster initiatives


Around Lake Constance there are many regional networks for topics and branches, so-called cluster initiatives. Synergies, both within the cluster initiatives and across clusters, help companies and scientific institutions to exchange experiences and establish cooperation.

Meetings of the Cluster Initiatives Lake Constance (CLIB) bring together representatives of the regional economy, the chambers, local authorities and the respective business development agencies. Promoting the further development of these networks in the VLRB is the primary goal of the CLIB. In doing so, the CLIB facilitates the transfer of knowledge between the networks and clusters. It also fosters promotion and development of existing and new networks.

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Gruppenbild Bodenseerat
Internationaler Bodenseerat

Internationaler Bodenseerat (International Lake Constance Council)


The International Lake Constance Council, founded in 1991, is a value based association of accomplished individuals in politics, economy, education and culture residing in the four countries around Lake Constance. Its main objective is the cross-border promotion of the Lake Constance Euregio.
The Lake Constance Council meets 2-3 times a year to discuss topics relevant for the Lake Constance region. It addresses such topics with the authorities and organisations concerned as well as with the general public.
The BSM GmbH supports the International Lake Constance Council financially and manages, organises and runs its meetings and events.


Group Picture of the Lake Constance Region Ambassdors Club
Group Picture of the Lake Constance Region Ambassdors Club
Botschafterclub Vierländerregion Bodensee

Lake Constance Region Ambassdors Club


The Ambassadors Club is an association of committed individuals - ambassadors - in business, tourism, science, culture, politics and administration. Its goal is to communicate the specific VLRB location advantages internally and externally, to promote cross-border cooperation and thus strengthen the region around Lake Constance in the long term.

The VLRB ambassadors choose the extent of their commitment themselves. There are no financial obligations, ambassadors merely commit to one idea: Jointly represent the interests of the VLRB by promoting the business area and potential of our region.

As personalities in politics, business and culture, the ambassadors are often on the road, speaking and hosting guests, partners and customers. Aside from the honorable value of a commitment, Ambassadors Club membership also offers tangible advantages. Together with their co-members, ambassadors form an international network - the Ambassadors' Club.

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Schweizer und Deutsche Flaggen auf Tisch
The Swiss-German network

Swiss German Club


The Swiss German Club is the competence centre of Switzerland and Germany with its afiliated network.

The Swiss German Club unites accomplished individuals in business, politics and society. They all share the common goal of supporting and expanding cross-border cooperation between Switzerland and Germany.

The network bundles in-depth knowledge of both markets. This allows effective fostering of suitable contacts even for specific matters. The members actively contribute their ideas and suggestions - enabling the sharing and joint development of visions.